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Partner Opportunities

We are looking for highly motivated individuals who wish to build up a long-term repeat revenue opportunity by reselling the Really Easy Cart system and services. This is an exciting time in the world of online business and now is the time to get involved!

REC is a sales and marketing business with excellent technology skills and real insight into the world of ecommerce and what works for businesses. Tapping into our knowledge will mean you can build a strong business for yourself and your clients with exceptional support from our team here at REC.

Excellent Earnings Potential

For the right individuals it will be possible to build up a business which secures the future of you and your family for the long term. You will typically fall into one of several categories to be successful:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Well-Connected Networker
  • Web Designer wanting to provide ecommerce and SEO/Internet Marketing
  • Business Club Owners wanting to offer add-on services to the community
  • Corporate Sales Professional wishing to be successful for themselves 

Simply contact us today on 0845 643 1290 to begin the conversation about our partnership program.

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