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Features Overview


Create A Stunning Site


Apply Your Design & Colour Scheme

Upload your design to the site easily and pick your colours for use across the whole site. Take advantage of the in-built Designer system to adjust all aspects of your site's look and feel so it becomes truly unique to you. 

Manage Your Content

Easily add pages and change their layout using the available page apps to pull through best sellers, featured products, special offers, testimonials, downloads, contact forms and more. Incorporates a powerful, yet really easy to use Content Management System to put you in control of generating content that engenders trust in your site and drives more conversions.

Build Your Own Community

Interact with people visiting your site and buying from you by adding newsletter signup, blogs and forums. A great way to build even more content to your site which the search engines will love whilst providing great resources to make you rise above your competitors


Create Your Online Store


Add & Categorise Unlimited Products, Options & Attributes

Organise your products into categories and add options, for example size or colour, plus attributes if you want to show technical specifications or comparison information. Set your stock levels at product or option level if you need that extra level of stock control.

Show off your products by adding unlimited images and add video to really sell the benefits , features or usage to the shopper. 
Cross-Sell With Associated Products

Cross-selling is a great feature which allows shoppers to see other products which complement the one they are currently viewing. An easy way to sell accessories and add-ons to increase your order value.

Filtered Search Finds Products Faster

Options and attributes can be searched on when shoppers are looking for certain products to help them quickly find what they are looking for.
The filter search system lets shoppers see how many products are available when they pick different options.
Need A Department Store?
Create an online Department store to rival John Lewis with distinct product ranges organised into their own Departments. For example, assign furniture categories into Home & Garden, clothing categories into Men, Women & Child departments and so on. Before you know it, you have your own on line department store!
Price Compare Live On The Web
Its one of the most important parts of being successful on the web - seeing what your competitors charge for the same products and then make sure you can compete with them. Live check their most competitive prices as you enter your products with the in-built price comparison tool and make sure you are priced to win!
Set Regional Delivery Services 

From UK counties to worldwide shipping, set up as many delivery services you want to cover your shipping policies, each with its own charges & shipping timescales and information. From Royal Mail to Air Freight, you can even add priority despatch uplifts to cover those times when shoppers can't wait and will pay extra for faster shipping.

Handle Tax Zones

Remain compliant with tax regulations by easily switching regions into your tax jurisdiction such as the EU or your own State, whilst delivering tax-free elsewhere. Don't pay tax on wholesale sales when you do on retail sales? No problem! organise your customers into different groups, such as wholesale clients, and decide if they need to pay tax or not. Simple.

Accept Payments

Take payments from popular payment processors such as Paypal, Google Checkout, SagePay, as well as giving the choice of bank transfers, cheques, cash on delivery or invoice. 

Be socially caring and give your shopper the choice of making a charitable donation tor every order they place, choosing which good cause the money should go to from a list of charities determined by you. 

Benefit From Fast One Page Checkout

With our single page checkout system and fast registration processes, including cut-down guest registration shown to reduce abandonment, your visitors will be delighted at how easy it is to shop on your site. 

Manage Your Orders 

Get notified of new orders on your site via email, SMS* or the Dashboard and use the simple in-built Order Manager to despatch your orders either in full, split order or backorders. Order Notes and Reminders help you keep track of any actions relating to an order or customer, with the ability to automatically send out notification emails or SMS* messages

* SMS is currently available in the UK only

See the your customer's full details for each order, the payment method used with verification details and automatically generate a tax invoice for each order.

Handle Returns

Dealing with returns is simplified with the in-built Returns system which allows you to control how users request a retrn and then track the product as it makes its way back to you for inspection and approval.
Allow Users To Manage Their Information

Allow users to manage their own account details, change their password, view their own purchases, wish lists and abandoned carts so they can resume shopping where they left off last time! And as the Admin, you will be able to amend their details whenever needed.

Let Users Share Wish Lists 
Let visitors create and share their own product wish lists, whether for Christmas, birthdays or just because they want it! their wish list can be emailed out to friends and family who simply click the link back to make the purchase. Couldn't be simpler!
Allow Product Comparison
Using this feature, visitors can view a range of your products side-by-side to compare technical information or just the look of the different products as they decide which one to purchase! 
Convince With Product Reviews  

Feedback from other people is a powerful force convincing others to take the plunge and buy from you. With every sale, shoppers can leave valuable feedback on your products which may just be the difference when the next visitor comes along.

Display What Others Are Buying To Encourage Interest

Use the "People Who Bought This Also Bought..." feature to show popular related purchases on the site, it's another great way to show off your products and encourage another sale.

Map Your Orders To Build Trust  

Let visitors view a map showing the locations of orders placed with you. A fun way to cement their trust in your site by displaying a live map of customer locations, as well as being fascinating for you to try to work out why you sell more in one area than another!

Followup Abandoned Carts  

With the click of a button, send out reminders to visitors who started shopping with you but for whatever reason never completed their purchase with you. Another bite of the cherry, another sale. 


Market Yourself


Appear In The Search Engines

REC's modern architecture is ultra search engine friendly and will significantly help you achieve visibility in search engine results pages. Our self-optimising technology will ensure your site keeps in tune with the changing search terms used to find your site. Optimised product feeds will also push your products across different channels to ensure you have maximum exposure to shoppers.

Proactively Market On The Web

Take advantage of our expertise to proactively market your site across the web and overtake the competition as you drive in and convert high quality visitors. Our pedigree in this area is superb, with startups able to compete with Amazon within 12 months for premium search engine positions. Totally ethical, its what every on line business needs to make progress in today's increasingly competitive web.

Share Your Site Across The Social Web Easily

With little effort on your part, ensure you are seen across the major social networks with seamless integration into social networks including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Go a stage further and create your own YouTube playlists to display videos on your site as well as updating your LinkedIn profile to uncover new prospects. Whilst on your site, visitors can 'share' your products with others via emails with embedded product links or by tweeting or mentioning you on Facebook. At last, you can have social media interaction in a practical way that saves you time.

Market In Facebook

For full blown Facebook marketing, use over 16 apps to get yourself recognised on Facebook and build a following. From Viral Wave Generators to Sweepstakes, we work with you to create an effective Facebook campaign to generate interest and customers.

Keep In Touch With Email Marketing

Keep in touch with your customers and registered users using our simple email marketing system. include clickable product images showing your special offers, featured and upcoming products and save your emails as templates to save time setting up the next newsletter. Very easy to use and proven to increase your sales.

Sell More With Coupons & Discounts

Set up discount coupons, user group pricing and quantity price breaks to entice your visitors to buy, buy, buy!   

Use Sale Prices To Pull In Bargain Hunters

With everyone looking for a bargain, use promotional pricing to show the marked down prices and percentage savings on sale items and bag yourself a buyer.    

Advertise With Internet Marketing Flyers

Easily create internet 'flyers' to market different aspects of your site and manage them via the inbuilt Mini Marketing Stores feature.  This will help you to dominate your chosen markets and compete with even the biggest companies on the web today.

Help Your Visitors With Live Chat

Don't sit back and wonder why people didn't buy from you! Add Live Chat to your site in ingenious ways to allow visitors to ask questions and get answers to support their decision to buy from you. Includes the ability to have multiple agents, transcripts and to direct the user to specific pages on your site. A very powerful tool everyone should use.

Use Powerful Analytics To Improve Performance

Graphically see who is visiting your site and from where with the power of Google Analytics. Act on the knowledge it gives you to identify new marketing opportunities and where to find new customers, whether at home or abroad. Learn what is driving visitors to convert to shoppers and tune up your performance and profits!

Turn Your PDF Brochures Into E-Catalogues

Make it easier for shoppers to see your full range of products by turning your product PDF's into page-flip e-catalogues! This captivating piece of tech' wows everyone who sees it whilst letting them browse thousands of products in minutes. 


Receive Support


Expert Advice 

Whatever your level of knowledge of the web, we will help you succeed whether a novice or seasoned ecommerce professional. We provide hands-on training, telephone and email support and live assistance via Skype's instant messaging service. 

Fully Hosted Service

Our hosting service is included in our prices and fully managed by us, including taking backups and monitoring your site's performance. We deal with the technical stuff so you can focus on your business. 


Add 128-bit encryption via your own SSL certificate to protect your customers' payment data.

Free Upgrades

Receive free software upgrades featuring all the latest enhancements to the system as we continuously improve the REC software platform and keep it up to date with the ever-changing web, with user's encouraged to put forward good ideas for possible inclusion in the next releases.

Internet Marketing Reviews

Receive formal reviews of your marketing progress when you take up our internet marketing services. You will be supplied an Account Manager who will look after you and work to ensure your online investment is as successful as possible. Real people with real expertise at hand to guide you.

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