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Sell products online which are then shipped direct from your supplier to your customer without any involvement from you.

Dropship WebsiteHow It Works

Find your supplier and check the prices you can sell at are competitive within the marketplace.

See if they offer you a good quality website pre-populated with products by checking their examples. Sure, that means you don't buy a site from us but the money saved can be invested in online marketing.

Alternatively, populate your REC store with products from the supplier

Take an order on your site and process the payment

Send the order to the supplier to ship the order

Receive confirmation from the supplier when the order is completed

How To Use REC For Dropshipping

Ideally, the dropshipper will have feeds available to initially import the products and also API's so that the products and orders can be automatically synchronised so your store is always up to date with the latest products. We then integrate their feeds into REC and your site is regularly synchronised with the dropshipper. 

We have experience of undertaking this level of integration for clients and have created cost effective solutions to allow them to set up and run their dropship businesses based on our highly effective platform.

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